Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms

Hige-tech High-Beams On Your Bike


  • Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms
  • Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms
  • Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms
  • Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms
  • Faro delantero Tern Valo 2 Direct 150 Lms

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  • La óptica Clarity™ con 150 lumenes proporciona un haz de luz ancho de hasta 40 lux. No más luz a las copas de los árboles o cegar a los que vienen de frente.
  • Sistema de enfriamiento CryoCore™ que emplea el manillar como radiador mateniendo el chip LED a salvo de sobrecalentamientos, cooling design uses the handlebar as a heat sink to draw more heat away from the LED chip, allowing for brighter and more efficient output
  • Standlight function ensures you’re still visible to traffic while stopped
  • Works with the BioLogic Joule™ 3 or other standard dynamo hubs, so you will never need to worry about dim lights or being stuck with dead batteries ever again
  • Requires a Tern Andros™ or Syntace VRO handlebar stem
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  • Descripción

    The Valo 2 is a powerful hub-dynamo powered light designed to help you navigate safely at night. Engineered to integrate directly with the handlebar stems used on many Tern bicycles, it is optimally positioned for visibility and well protected from accidental knocks and bumps, as well as theft.

    Designed with the lighting experts Herrmans in frigid Finland, where winter temperatures dip to -40° C and daylight all but disappears, the Valo 2 is made from cold-resistant ABS.

  • Detalles técnicos
    Color(s) Black
    77 × 60 × 63 mm
    74 g
    Load Capacity n/a
    Volume Capacity n/a
    Compatible Bikes

    All Tern bikes with a Physis T-Bar Handlepost plus Andros or VRO Handlebar Stem.

    *Note: Requires a dynamo for power.

    Compatible Items Andros Stem
    Kinetix Pro Handlebar
    Kinetix Pro X Handlebar
    Physis 3D T-Bar Handlepost
    Syntace VRO 47 Stem
    Material ABS
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